Kelebekler Vadisi

Kelebek Vadisi is located in the boundry of oludeniz. Because of the living rare creatures in mountains it is the one of 100 mountains however it was declared as the first degree natural protected area in 8 February 1995 and every kind of structuring is prohibited. The name of valey derives from jerdey tigers which live on mountain in valley. Photographer Rıfat KILAR saw the valley atn the end of 70s and has a big influence on the name of the valley calling as Kelebek Vadisi.

Gezilebilecek Tarihi ve Turistik Mekanlar

Settlement of the people in Kelebek Vadisi  was based on in BC. IV to Lyceans. Lyceans settled to the region which is called as Faralya and located upon the Kelebek Vadisi, they called this region as Perdicia, now it is called as Uzunyurt. It came under the domination of Byzantine and Ottoman respectively.Total square of the valley is about 130 decare , 90 decare of the area is used for touristic. It began to use for touristic in 1986. Valley had not any facility for crowded and regular hospitality until 90’s , the valley began to improve at the beginning of 90’s.Establishments which welcome almost 500 people to meet the requirement of tourist for staying a day have been settled compatible to environment and nature. In some part of Kelebek Vadisi organic agriculture is done.

How to go Kelebekler Vadisi?

Dalaman Airport is the nearest Airport to Ekincik. There are so many firm make transportation from big cities like ıstanbul, Ankara and Izmir to Köycegiz.  There are bus services from Köycegiz to Ekincik in a day time.

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