Datca which is at the position to join Aegean with Mediterrean Sea, divides sea like an island. Datca is about 60 km western from Marmaris. Limmi Island of Greece can be reached in 1 hour by ferry. Whenever you want you could reach to all Turkey from Marmaris which is the nearest city to Datca or you could open up to all the world by Dalaman Airport which is 2 hour far away to Datca.

You can see the trace of all civilization in this region. In Datca declared history started in 2000 BC with Kar. The most famous period in 1000 B.C. was Dor who migrate from Greece. They developed their civilization in current Burgaz region and it was called by famous Knidos. Knidos was the center of Dor till 500 BC and then they came under Pers lordship from Lydia. The most important historical remains are Knidos city and churchs which was built in Roman period. It is known that population of Knidos city has reached 70.000 in its most developed period. Population in the region declined to 1000 people due to various reasons in last periods of Roman Empire. Region entered Menteseoğulları dominate in 13. century and met with Turks. In 15. century it took part to Ottoman Empire and it was named as Datca. Altough it was called as Resadiye for a short time in Sultan Resad period, it regained Datca name in Republic period.

When Datca is called at first its clean and moisture free air and then its legendary almond trees come to our mind. Of course Datca is not limited with these, it has so many place to see with its beautiful bays, unique beachs, flora, historical architecture. When you go Datca, places to see are wind mills, Mesudiye village beach, Kızılbuk, Hayıtbuk, Palamut Buku, Alamutbuku and of course Gebekum. Besides this you must visit Knidos antique city. In Datca sun does not disappear rather not to come winter. As if Datca is created to rest , stop to breath with our body and soul for a while in the life, extend our life.

How to go Datça?

Dalaman Airport is the nearest Airport to Datca. It is possible to transfer Datca from Marmaris by bus. There are so many firm make transportation from big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to Datca. There is ferry services between Bordum and Datca.

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