Attention please!

Attention please!

Regarding the event on Monday, 22 July 2019 at 22:40 at Dalaman Airport; due to the panic of one of our UK passengers at International Terminal departures caused by the stress because of her daughter’s fainting, unfortunately has resulted in anxiety and short-term panic of the other passengers. The passenger in need of medical care has been provided the medical attention in a short time, the other passengers have been informed, and the terminal operations have continued without disruption.

However, there have been unfounded reports without proper sources such as “Phone battery explosion” and “false alarm” on some media outlets. The clarification of the matter is important for Turkish tourism, and especially for Dalaman destination that has been among the top 10 most searched destinations in 2018.

We hope that the necessary sensitivity will be shown to inform the public correctly in these kind of situations, and once again would like to remind that all the details have been considered for the confident and peaceful travel of the passengers at Dalaman Airport.

Very truly yours,

YDA Dalaman Airport