The Southern Aegean Region and Turkey formed a brand new bridge with Europe in the summer of 2006:  YDA Dalaman Airport  Terminal.

Besides the 95.000 m2 indoors New International Terminal building within the project, 210.00 m2 addition is performed to apron. The annual total passenger capacity of International Terminal is increased to 10.000.000 (ten million) passengers and airport plane park total capacity to 35 planes.

International Terminal project prepared by internationally famed Emre Arolat and Bünyamin Derman has taken the first prize in the respective project design contest put out by State Airports Administration in 1999, thanks to its perfect combination of modern architectural scope and environmental suitability. The terminal, besides, has taken the 2006 “AR Awards for Emerging Architecture” prize due to its environment sensitive approach and non cliché solutions through its structure. It should be kept in mind that the contest had been participated by 462 projects form 53 different countries. Dalaman International Terminal accomplished a unique success for Turkey also with this award.

The climatic characteristics of the region, possible extensions of the terminal and parking lot in future, apron terminal parking lot connections all were the main criteria in the development of the project.

Two of the advanced characteristics of the terminal building shall be known as; widely use of specially designed windows and open areas resulting a comfortable and fresh atmosphere in the terminal, and aerofoil sun control system with solar panels on the roof of the Terminal building as a combination of modern and traditional climatic systems for to overcome the forcing effects of sun in summer and lessening the solar radiation effects on the Terminal.

YDA Dalaman Airport Terminal – 2 building is opened on July 5, 2018.

There are 13 units of boarding gates of which 12 of them with passenger bridges.  All the passenger bridges are equipped latest technology 400 Hz power systems and PCA air conditioning systems and, thus, the electric power, ventilation, air conditioning and utility water needs of the waiting planes are easily procured.

YDA Airport Terminal – 2 may render service to 5.000 passengers and 6.000 baggage per hour thanks to 85 standart + 2 over size Check-in counters, where the required infrastructure for the passengers to perform early Check-in in their hotels is also provided.

With the new regulations, the total capacity of the airport airplane parking position has also been raised to 57.

The increased capacity of the Airport and Terminal enables the demand for the most important tourism spots in the Turkish Riviera i.e. Datça, Marmaris, Göcek, Dalyan, Sarıgerme, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kalkan and Kaş, to increase the majority.

Terminal 2

Terminal 1