Significant Award from TUROB to Hamdi Güvenç

TUROB monthly traditional lunch was held in Istanbul Lazzoni Hotel. Yada Dalaman Airport General Manager Hamdi Güvenç was the “Honorary Guest” of the restaurant, where Istanbul guests showed great interest.

YDA Dalaman Airport General Manager Hamdi Güvenç said:
“We tried to create new models apart from known publicity models. First of all, we have started a study with the name of the “field work” in England. Secondly, there is a huge competition in the German market. There we are trying to make organization that will act on behalf of our region. We can call it a “study of selling the Aegean region” completely. In these matters, we have received great support from our ministry. Although having trouble in Russia market, we will overcome these problems in 1-2 years. We are also cooperating with airports in Russia. We started to get good results about publicity “