To provide easy visa procedures for the citizens of the countries subject to visa, 12 units of visa counters service the passengers as located before the Arriving Passenger passport check.

Please click for to learn the visa procedures and fees for various countries.

Passport Control
24 units of passport check counters are present for the passport check works of the arriving passengers. The actions in this counters can be completed in a short time by using advanced passport reading technologies and accordingly the passengers may complete all the airport procedures safely, easily and quickly.

Image 05Baggage
After the passport check, the passengers proceed to "Baggage Receiving Hall" for to take their baggage. 6 units of baggage receiving bands function in the hall. Duty Free shop with many products or café and buffet for accommodation purposes are present in this hall for to serve the passengers waiting their baggage.

Image 01Customs
In case the passengers own goods subject to customs procedures, the required assistance may be obtained from the officers at the "Customs Table" while performing the baggage receiving and customs procedures.

Greeting/Meeting Counters
The greeting counters are organized to ease the works of the arriving passengers and tour operators. These counters serve to enable the list-passenger matching to be performed by the travel agencies and also to provide the passengers reach their service vehicles easily and problem free.


The taxis at the exit of the arriving passenger section are ready to ride the passengers to the desired locations. Click for the taxi fees .


Computerized Check In
While performing the upper most level security actions in the terminal, the completion of the passenger procedures in the possible shortest time is also considered. Dalaman Airport YDA International Terminal may easily render service to 4.000 passengers and 5.000 baggage per hour thanks to 60 Check-In counters properly equipped to render computerized Check-In services. Check-In services are being rendered in computerized environment using CUTE and LDCS systems. Thus it is assured that passengers complete their check-in procedures in the possible shortest time and without any mistakes.

Baggage in Safe Hands
The baggage system installed in Dalaman Airport YDA International Terminal Terminal (Baggage Handling System, Baggage Separation System, EDS, CUTE/LDCS, BRS) is the most advanced technological system in the world currently.

Baggage Handling and Baggage Separation systems terminate the risks of mechanical cause baggage lost and prevent the baggage to be sent to wrong locations or baggage not being loaded to the plane.

Addressing the baggage on the band by the check-In, monitoring the baggage at every location thanks to optic reader systems, automatic safety s canning of baggage using various technologies under EDS system and matching the boarding passengers with loaded baggage; all tell that all the baggage is in the safe hands in Dalaman Airport YDA International Terminal .

Passport Check

There are 20 passport check (passport control) counters in departing passenger level; whereas passport checks can be completed in a short time by using advanced passport reading technologies and accordingly the passengers may proceed to accommodation areas, shopping spots and waiting halls.


Disabled Passenger Services

Disabled Passengers who arrive to Dalaman International Airport must contact with the Airline Company for wheelchair service. Ground Handling Firm carry out wheelchair service on behalf of the airline company.
The person who concerned from Ground Handling Firm accompany you from Check –in procedures to the Aircraft,  after landing the plane to baggage sortation area.

There are specific toilets for the disables passengers at every spot in the terminal.

There are lifts in every requiring spot of the terminal for to provide the comfort of the disabled passengers.